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Gracie Barra Isle of Man has had world class instructors certified through the Gracie Barra’s Instructor Certification Programme. This ensures we deliver only the highest standard of instruction to students of all ages and abilities.

GB Programs

Working from the assumption that Jiu-Jitsu must be embraced as a lifelong journey, Master Carlos Gracie Jr. has designed an effective learning plan or program of study that allows for students to naturally progress from the White Belt to the Black Belt. Thus, classes and their respective curriculum at Gracie Barra are not isolated from one another, but elements of a larger structured learning plan called “GB Programs”.

Gracie Barra Programs are comprised of six (6) main elements:

Curriculums: Set of coordinated techniques organised in the best possible way to facilitate students’ learning processes. All Gracie Barra curriculums are 16 weeks;

Pre-requisite: The minimum level a student must possess or have accomplished in order to enrol in a specific program;

Class: The defined period of time during which the student learns the techniques that comprise the curricula using several different training methods or appropriate instructional techniques;

Training Methods: Specific drills and training practices designed to convert the knowledge represented in the curricula and taught by the instructor into knowledge and skills, insuring that the student is able to apply their knowledge and techniques under real circumstances (or under authentic conditions);

Minimum Attendance: minimum attendance required from the student so him or her can progress and be updated with the GB Curriculums;

Belt System: Hierarchical rank structure designed to represent students’ progress, according to their own potential.

All Gracie Barra students have the dream of becoming a Black Belt. However, this is not an easy goal and a lot of consistency and dedication is required. To fulfll the promise of facilitating students’ learning, Gracie Barra Programs are structured logically to keep students motivated to learn, practice and perform.

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